“RISEN is a must see for pastors and their congregations!"

Johnny Hunt, First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA

“RISEN is a movie that you can bring someone to who’s not a follower of Jesus. It has the potential to impact one’s life in a very significant spiritual way.”

Craig Groeschel, founder and senior pastor, LIFE.CHURCH

"RISEN is a powerful, poignant, and entertaining movie revealing the impact of the greatest event in history.”


“RISEN is one of the most powerful visuals of the Resurrection story that anyone has ever captured on film.”

Pastor Rick White, Rick White Ministries

“RISEN is a must see. It helps us, as believers, to grasp the mindset and the heartset, of the unbelieving world.”

Dr. Keith Loy, Lead Pastor, Celebrate Community Church

“RISEN is appropriate for teenagers and adults and will encourage everyone to look at their own faith and relationship with the RISEN Christ!"

Josh Griffin, High School Pastor at Saddleback Church and co-founder of DownloadYouthMinistry.com

“Get ready to have your faith go to another level!”

Dr. Chris Williamson, Founder & Senior Pastor of Strong Tower Bible Church

"An incredible film that will move you, convict you and inspire you. It is historical fiction, yes, but it explores questions that all Christians have wondered about for centuries."

Michael Foust , Christian Examiner

"The Greatest Story Ever Told has never before been told quite like this. Riveting, beautifully produced and intelligently crafted, RISEN raises the bar for what a film about faith can be."

Deacon Greg Kandra, Aleteia.org

"RISEN ranks among the very best movies of any genre I’ve seen this year . . . Fantastic portrayals, a sweeping score, expansive attention to historical detail and stunning cinematography make this a sure bet for 2016."

Lisa M. Hendey, founder of CatholicMom.com and author of The Grace of Yes

"RISEN is a triumph on every level. This is the best film about the life of Jesus since Mel Gibson’s THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST."

Patrick Novecosky, Editor-In-Chief, Legatus magazine

"RISEN affirms the foundation of our faith. It’s a must see movie!"

Pastor John Hagee

"This is the best historical Christian drama to come out since the days of Charlton Heston. There is a new standard for religious film, and it’s name is RISEN."

Glenn Beck

"Risen is a riveting film and seeing it could literally change your life!"

The Dove Foundation

"The most significant event in human history demands a movie that embodies the highest level of acting, cinematography and historical accuracy. RISEN hits the mark! Don’t miss out on seeing RISEN in theaters February 19."

Rob Carter, Founder of REEL International

"RISEN gives us so much to think about as we honor the season of Lent and celebrate LIFE this Easter."

Bonnie Rodgers, CatholicTV

"Like many men, Clavius was not seeking a savior - he was just doing his job. Everything changes when a man encounters the RISEN Christ."

Brian Doyle, Founder and President, Iron Sharpens Iron

"RISEN refreshed my soul. Take a few friends with you; no matter where you find yourself in your faith journey, you'll be talking about this movie long after you leave the theater!"

Dorena Williamson, Strong Tower Bible Church

"RISEN is a thriller of a movie, sending audiences back to the source of the script for the real page-turner. Both movie and book are that good."

Dr. Roy Peterson, President & CEO of the American Bible Society

"Risen is powerful and gripping! Masterfully done! To see the Easter story through the eyes of a prison guard left me in awe! Brilliant!"

Karen Kingsbury, #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author

"RISEN uses Joseph Fiennes' rock solid performance to fuel the most original angle ever visualized on the Gospel of Christ...It succeeds beautifully and powerfully in what the storytellers set out to do."

Michael Joiner, Nationally known Christian/Clean Comedian and star of AFFIRM Films GRACE CARD

"I had a chance to watch Risen yesterday with my son and several of my staff- thumbs up from all of us!"

Kirk Cameron

"Risen is one of the few Bible-based movies where I couldn’t guess the ending."

Doug TenNapel, Emmy Nominated Show Runner- VeggieTales In The House, World renown character artist and animator and master storyteller

"RISEN has great potential to cause many to consider the reality of the resurrection and the accuracy of the Biblical account."

Todd Burpo, Pastor & NYT Bestselling author of "HEAVEN IS FOR REAL."

"RISEN is one of the best depictions of the Gospel story of Jesus I've ever seen. Brilliantly told and masterfully acted. A must see!"

Frank Rautenbach, Speaker & Actor, "Angus Buchan" in AFFIRM Films' FAITH LIKE POTATOES

"Risen is an unusual and compelling story, and the world of First Century Israel is vividly realized on the screen. Risen is more than a good film for believers; it’s a great piece of film story-telling by any standard."

Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. Archbishop of Philadelphia

"Risen is STRONG. The film explores doubt while it celebrates the undeniably miraculous fact that Christ was not in the grave."

TC Stallings, Actor, author and star of War Room

"Risen delivers! It takes you on a suspenseful journey that is executed at a most high quality. We watched it as a family. You don't want to miss it."